Boards & Committees

The Town of Valdese encourages active participation of its citizens in the development and preservation of the community. Several boards and committees have been established to allow for the sharing of ideas among a diverse section of the population and local officials.

Citizens for Affordable Housing:

Members: Miriam Vaught, Frances Hildebran, Sheena Williams, Jean Dalmas
Advisory Members: Marc Mitchell, Sherry Long, Larry Johnson

Firefighters' Relief Fund Board of Trustees:
Ed Plemmons, Mark Rostan, Charles Watts, Timothy Williams, Morrissa Angi

North Carolina Valdese Main Street Program:  
Organizational Committee Members: Carla Berry, Libby Braswell, Roy Sweezy, David Wronko, Jeri Boerger,  Annie Hogan, Paul Mears
Town Liaison: Morrissa Angi
Meetings held monthly at the Old Rock School the second Thursday at 5:30pm. *Subject to change  

Valdese ABC Board:
Seth Eckard, WT Sorrell, John Heilman

Housing Authority:
Patricia Ribet Garrou, Dan Hoyle, Faith Kaplan, Willie "Butch" Pascal, Maryann Diamond

Planning Board/Board of Adjustments:
John Rostan, Scott Watts, Roy Sweezy, Paul Mears, Carly Caruso
Alternatives: Libby Braswell, Barry Zimmerman

Public Arts Commission:
Linda Rostan, Marc Mitchell, Leslie Rostan, Greg Mastin, Gretchen Costner, J. Andrew Thompson

Parks & Recreation Commission:
Robert Murray, Nancy Tucker, Beth Heile, J. Andrew Thompson, Donnie Edwards, Scott Compton

Tourism Commission:
Seth Eckard, Gretchen Costner, Freddy Leger, Director of Burke County Tourism, Edyth Pruitt, Elizabeth Furr, Downtown Merchant Representative, Trail of Faith Representative, Valdese Heritage Arts Center Representative, P&W Railroad Museum Representative 

Valdese Economic Development Corporation:
TR Robinson, Forrest Fleming, Keith Ogle, Seth Eckard, Nancy Page, Suzanne Wallace, Kylie Gera

Street Paving Committee: 
Seth Eckard, Larry Johnson, Keith Ogle, Frances Hildebran, Charlie Watts, Staff Liaison: Greg Padgett


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