Street Paving

Town Council has pledged a minimum of $350,000 in Property Tax Revaluation Revenues for Street Paving Annually. This budget year, TOTAL PAVING BUDGET = $500,000

1.326 miles = 7,000 Linear Feet = 8 Roads

The Largest Road Paving Project in more than 20 years! What roads are being repaved? The paving project will include the following streets:

Laurel St SE | Micol Ave NE | Walsh Dr SE | Columbo St NW | Skie Circle SE | Hauss Ridge Rd SE-1 & 2 | Rostan St SE-1 & 2 | Flora Lane NE

When will they pave? The paving project is planned to be completed by LATE Fall 2023. Areas impacted by this project will be notified. The Valdese Street Paving Committee determined areas to be improved. Sites were selected based on a comprehensive paving study in collaboration with planned utility improvement projects.

Project Proposal Presentation - July 2023

Project Contract Presentation & Award of Contract Bid - August 2023

Powell Bill Expense Reports - 2018 | 20192020 | 2021 | 2022 - Summary Report 

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