Chief of Police Jack Moss
Assistant Chief of Police James Buchanan
Sergeant Chad Wyke
Sergeant William Beck
Sergeant Michael Branch
Sergeant Joseph Winebarger
Patrolman Steven Kiziah, Jr. 
Patrolman Robert Bowman
Patrolman Jesse Simmons
Patrolman Nathan Hefner
Patrolman C. Dean Berry
Patrolman Tyler Angley
Administrative Assistant Susan Bueker
Reserve Patrolman (part-time)

Tim Williams

Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Matt Auton
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Levi Henry
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Samuel Crump
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Paul Phillips
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Michael Church
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) Mason Eastwood
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) C. Gage Davis
Reserve Patrolman (part-time) W. Brian Smith


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