Town Hall

Human Resources & Personnel

The Town of Valdese Human Resources Department provides personnel related services to all Town departments.
These services include planning, organizing and implementing a variety of personnel programs designed to help the Town achieve its mission and vision.

Valdese Economic Development

VEDIC works to promote a thriving North Carolina economy. VEDIC is an Equal Opportunity Lender with programs that include USDA Intermediary Re-Lending Program IRP, USDA Micro-Entrepreneur Assistance Program RMAP, Valdese Revolving Loan Program and the Burke Business Loan Program.

Boards & Committees

The Town of Valdese encourages active participation of its citizens in the development and preservation of the community. Several boards and committees have been established to allow for the sharing of ideas among a diverse section of the population and local officials.

Meet Town Hall Staff

Town hall is the home to the Administration Department, Finance Department, Planning & Zoning Department, and VEDIC. Located across the street from the historic Massel Avenue train tracks, the Valdese Town Hall Staff serves as a friendly face when you need help.

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Planning & Zoning Department

Directed by Larry Johnson, the Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for the coordination of development activities for the Town. This includes issuing zoning permits, reviewing subdivision plats and site plans, completing annexation studies and making proposed recommendations to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and Town Council.

Address: 102 Massel Avenue South West Valdese, NC 28690
Mailing: P.O. Box 339 Valdese, NC 28690

Valdese Town Hall is the home to many Town of Valdese Departments including: Administration, Human Resources, Town Clerk, Finance, Tax Collection, Payroll, Utilities, and the Planning Department. 

Town Hall is also the home of Valdese Economic Development Investment Corporation: VEDIC is an Equal Opportunity Lender providing: USDA Intermediary Re-Lending Program IRP,  USDA Micro-Entrepreneur Assistance Program RMAP, Valdese Revolving Loan Program, and Burke Business Loan Program. Find out more here

Town Hall also hosts the Town of Valdese Council Meetings on the first Monday of each month, beginning at 6pm. For more information about Town Council, visit here.

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