Town of Valdese

Residents of the Town of Valdese have an innovative way to interact with their government—the Citizen Request Center™, accessed from the town website. Residents can easily report problems that need to be fixed, ask questions about town services, submit suggestions, request information, and more. A resident can also telephone town hall, where an employee will enter their request into the system. The person submitting a request can choose to have status updates automatically sent to them by email, and they can check the status at any time by using the Citizen Request Center on the website.

The Citizen Request Center works hand-in-hand with iMaint ®, a system for managing maintenance of town assets such as facilities, vehicles and equipment. Together, these systems will be used to administer requests, track work progress, ensure that requests are resolved, and manage a wide variety of maintenance activities for the town.

iMaint and the Citizen Request Center were provided to the town by DPSI™, a Greensboro, North Carolina company that developed these software products.

Click here to access the Valdese Citizen Request Center.

Quick Contact Directory:

Town Hall- 828.879.2120
Town Manager: Seth Eckard - 828.879.2116
Town Clerk & Human Resources: Courtney Kennedy - 828.879.2117
Finance Director: Jerry LaMaster - 828.879.2123
Tax Collector: Greg Cannon - 828.879.2119
Utilities: Debbie Jones - 828.879.2118
Planning: Larry Johnson - 828.879.2124
Purchasing Agent: Cheryl Daye - 828.879.2121

Police Department- 828.879.2100
Chief: Jack Moss - 828.879.2102
Administrative Assistant: Susan Bueker - 828.879.2109
Assistant Chief: Jamie Buchanan - 828.879.2107

Fire Department- 828.879.2103
Chief: Charles Watts - 828.879.2110
Assistant Chief: Greg Stafford - 828.879.2111
Fire Inspector: Keisha Smith - 828.879.2113

Community Affairs & Tourism- 828.879.2129
Director: Morrissa Angi - 828.879.2126
Assistant Director: Madeleine Shull

Recreation Center- 828.879.2132
Director: Doug Knight - 828.879.2133
Fitness Center: 828.879.2144

Public Works- 828.879.2128
Director: Bryan Duckworth

Water Plant: Jerry Conley - 828.879.2127

Wastewater Plant: Greg Padgett - 828.879.2131

Triple District: 828.874.2051

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