6:30 a.m.

Primary Election Day

March 5, 2024, 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

2024 Primary Election -

The 2024 primary election, including the presidential preference primary, is Tuesday, March 5, 2024. During this election, voters choose which candidates should be the party nominees to appear on the general election ballot. The 2024 general election is Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024.

Dates and Deadlines

Here are voter dates and deadlines for the 2024 primary election in North Carolina:

  • Jan. 19, 2024: County boards of elections begin mailing absentee ballots to eligible voters who submitted an absentee ballot request form.
  • Feb. 9, 2024: Voter registration deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • Feb. 15, 2024: In-person early voting begins.
  • Feb. 27, 2024: Absentee ballot request deadline (5 p.m.).*
  • March 2, 2024: In-person early voting ends (3 p.m.).
  • March 5, 2024: Primary Election Day.
  • March 5, 2024: Absentee ballot return deadline (7:30 p.m.).*

Find important dates for the 2024 general election on our web calendar: Voter Dates and Deadlines.

*Voter registration and absentee voting deadlines are different for military and overseas citizen voters.

Who Can Vote in the Primary?

Voters affiliated with any political party may vote on the ballot of candidates for their party only. For example, a registered Republican may vote the Republican primary ballot only. Some recognized political parties in North Carolina may not have primary ballots.

Unaffiliated voters may choose to vote on any one political party’s ballot or a nonpartisan ballot (if available). A voter cannot vote in more than one party’s primary.


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