Old Rock School

The Old Rock School Auditorium is the home of the Bluegrass at the Rock Concert Series, numerous plays by the local community theater Old Colony Players, dance recitals, graduations, camps, and corporate conferences.


The Auditorium will accommodate a maximum of 500 occupants. Details about the sound system and lighting services are available at time of rental.

MON-THURS < 4 Hours 4-6 Hours 6-12 Hours
Profit $350.00 $400.00 $450.00
Non Profit $250.00 $300.00 $350.00
$200.00 Rehearsal Fee for 5 Hours Total
FRI-SUN <4 Hours 4-6 Hours 6-12 Hours
Profit $400.00 $450.00 $500.00
Non Profit $300.00 $350.00 $400.00
$200.00 Rehearsal Fee for 5 Hours Total

Any multi-day event or over 12 hours, please fill out application & Community Affairs will contact you will a full quote. 

Please see application for full break down of cost + additional add ons.

Auditorium Application

The Old Rock School Waldensian Room is used as a local community room. The Waldensian Room is used for weddings, receptions, beauty pageants, meetings, classes, anniversaries, birthdays, craft shows, and graduation celebrations. The Waldensian Room will accommodate 150 seated occupants. Tables & chairs are provided with rentals and there is a catering style kitchen available for use. After a recent remodel the Waldensian Room has surround sound, projection system, microphone, and a dimming light system. The Waldensian Room is the perfect venue to host your special events.

Waldensian Room Application + Waldensian Room Photos

The Old Rock School has four classrooms available for public rental in the upstairs of the building. The Classrooms are home to events such as dressing rooms, meetings, and luncheons. Rooms 119,137,138, and 139 have recently been remodeled. The remodel included the addition of projections systems, custom sound panels, additional lighting and new vanities (Rooms 119 & 137). The Classrooms will accommodate and average of 25 seated occupants. Tables and chairs are included with rental.

Classroom Application 

The Teacher's Cottage is located between the Old Rock School and Valdese Elementary School. The building is home to events such as baby showers, birthdays, Lion's Club, Meals on Wheels, anniversaries, wedding showers and numerous smaller events. The Teacher's Cottage will accommodate a maximum of 50 occupants. Tables and chairs are included with rental and a catering style kitchen is available for use.

Teacher's Cottage Application + Teacher's Cottage Photos - Guideline Sheet must be completed as well (see below)

NEW: Major Event Application

Planning on hosting an event that the Old Rock School can host? This application includes all of the rental rooms available.

**All rental dates & applications must be verified by the Old Rock School Staff**

In addition to public rentals the Old Rock School also has several businesses and nonprofit organizations located within. The businesses & nonprofits include, Old Colony Players (local community theater), Rock School Arts Foundation and the Valdese Rotary Club. The Rock School Arts Foundation has two art galleries open for public viewing and Studio 101 for art workshops.

Gallery Schedule | Theater Schedule

The Piedmont & Western Railroad Museum is located on the lower level of the building. The Piedmont and Western Railroad is a fictitious line serving Western North Carolina whose mainline extends from Marion, NC to Leadvale, TN. Its chief purpose is to carry the trains of its owners, Southern RR and the Clinchfield RR across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since it is the only Carolina's mainline that crosses the Blue Ridge, traffic is heavy. The Piedmont and Western also maintains extensive terminal facilities in Asheville, which is the focus of operations. Trains set off or pick up local traffic, or are reclassified for their final destinations. Modern operations with diesel locomotives are emphasized.

Old Rock School Usage Guidelines

The Old Rock School averages 2 events per day. For information regarding public rentals and availability please contact us at 828-879-2129. Let the Old Rock School be the home of your next event.

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