Animal Control Ordinances

REASON - Reduce Euthanasia and Spay or Neuter - WEBSITE

Call to find out if you qualify - leave a message @ 403-3675. A volunteer will call you back.

REASON provides spay/neuter surgical fee assistance for qualified Burke County residents through partnerships with private practice veterinarians and low-cost clinics, collaborates with other animal welfare groups, and promotes humane education.

Donations Welcome To: PO Box 633, Rutherford College, NC 28671
VOLUNTEERS WELCOME! - (828) 403-3675 - e-mail:

★Each individual applying must first call the Reason phone to see if they qualify.
★Each qualified person will complete an application requesting
assistance with spay / neuter services
★Each application will be reviewed in order to ensure the individual qualifies using the most current Federal Poverty Guidelines
★The owner of the animal must meet a qualifying category as listed on the most current Poverty Guidelines
★The applicant must be able to pay their portion of the surgery / vaccine fee on the day the application is completed before an appointment can be made
★The applicant’s portion of the fee is to be received by the person approving the application
★Once an appointment is made, the owner of the animal is responsible for transporting the animal to and from the veterinarian’s office
★The individual’s qualifying financial information will be reviewed to verify income

For information on Animal Control and applicable permits, click one of the PDF documents below:

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