Entertainment Lineup

Friday Night, August 9th Festival Kickoff Celebration 

Cassette Rewind - 80's Variety @ 7pm

Born in the ‘80s and raised on radio, CASSETTE REWIND are totally an authentic ‘80s experience. Valley girls, jocks, preppies, and nerds will have the time of their life when the DeLorean hits 88 mph and suddenly they’re at like, the most righteous party of the era. Feel the power of love when your bedroom boombox comes to life with captivating, dynamic performances of Prince, George Michael, Journey, Whitney Houston, and countless 1980s pop icons. Grab your Members Only jacket and put on your leg warmers because nothing’s gonna stop you now from getting footloose and singing along. Be kind, please CASSETTE REWIND. Get a preview here. 

Gump Fiction - 90's Variety - 9:15pm

Gump Fiction is a high-octane, nostalgia-fueled time-machine with one totally radical destination: the 1990s. Known as the Ultimate 90s Experience, they will take you back to the days of dial-up internet, slap bracelets, Tamagotchi pets, and the music you forgot you loved. Gump Fiction is your chance to go back in time and rock out to your favorite A-side tracks, from Nirvana to Britney Spears, and everywhere in between. You think Gump Fiction is just your everyday cover band?  As if! These four guys and one girl bring a premium, customizable entertainment package that can include extra options, such as 90s dance music between sets, 90s trivia, and an authentic, old-school 90s arcade with all of the classic games to really bring the decade alive. Since 2012, the band has performed hundreds of shows across the world, including small, corporate events and high-profile, city-wide festivals for crowds of over 25,000. No matter the size of the show, the members of Gump Fiction pride themselves in tailoring each performance to the unique requirements of the event. Client satisfaction is their number one goal. Aside from being obsessed with all things 1990s, these five individuals have a passion for developing each show specifically to the needs of the client and the desires of the audience. Gump Fiction is professional, experienced, and committed to take your event to the next level through quality music, entertaining showmanship, and of course, your favorite hits of the 90s! Get a preview of the band here. 

Saturday, August 10th Festival Day & Night Main Stage Lineup

9am - Old Colony Players - 2019 Cast of the Historic Outdoor Drama "From This Day Forward" 
The cast from the historic outdoor drama “From This Day Forward” will feature a battle scene featuring sword combat based on renaissance fencing/combat techniques. The excerpt from the battle is based on fighting during the Nine Years War in Northern Italy. The battle we show in the play is a combination of fighting that took place in the Piedmont post 1689, when Savoy joined with the Waldensians against the invading French forces. The cast will also perform the courenta, a traditional Franco-Italian dance. This folk dance focuses on group and partner interaction, and can be compared to polka. The courenta has been a traditional dance of the Waldensians for centuries, and excellently reflects the spirit of their culture and traditions.

10am - Greg Mastin & The Druthers
Greg Mastin & The Druthers - Offering a showcase of Don Hogan originals complemented by everything from the Beatles to Hank Williams, Greg Mastin & The Druthers are sure to open the night with an outstanding blend of Americana. 

1:30pm - The Band 28690
The Band 28690 is a 4-piece band consisting of Rick Ogle, Brian Deal, Sherrill Keever & Keith Kirby. "Americana" best describes their repertoire. "Americana" best describes their repertoire which is comprised of Appalachia mountain music, traditional blues and country. The Band 28690 refer to themselves as good friends who love to make music and keep traditional regional music alive and well.

3:30pm - Chad Triplett & 2 Lane Blacktop
This band has been around a good while now, honing their craft in honky tonks, bars, fairs & festivals across the east coast. Opening for such notables as Jamey Johnson, Whiskey Myers, Confederate Railroad, The Kentucky Headhunters, & more. Catch Chad Triplett & Two Lane Blacktop on their “One More Run Tour” in 2019.

7pm - Gary Lowder & Smokin' Hot
Known as a Soul, R&B party band based out of North Myrtle Beach , SC. Their musical repertoire covers decades of hits from your favorite artists and genres of music including soul, rhythm & blues, funk, reggae, jazz standards, country, 50, 60's and Carolina Beach Music. In addition of performing some the most current hits that are topping the charts today, the group has had many successful chart topping hits on local radio and internet stations across North and South Carolina , Virginia , Georgia , and Florida. Gary Lowder & SMOKIN’ HOT .. are comprised of multi-talented musicians who have come together to produce incredible performances each and every time they take the stage. This band has performed in venues all along the mid-atlantic and southern states along with venues in the Caribbean! The Carolina Beach Music Association …awarded  Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot with CD of the year In 2013 at the Alabama Theater ,  Title : Soul Therapy In 2014 , the group was nominated for Group Of The year. In 2015 Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot were nominated for Thirteen Carolina Beach Music Awards, with J.K. Loftin, group guitarist being honored with Engineer of the Year. In 2016 the group was nominated for seven Carolina Beach Music Awards, In 2017 the group was nominated for nine nominations and were awarded "Song of The Year" for Should Have Been Loving You by the CBMA. In 2018 the group was again nominated for nine Carolina Beach Music Awards and with Guy Mitchell, Sound Engineer, were awarded CBMA Live Production!
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